• NeverNeath,  The Monster

    The Monster Part 2

    PART II ~*~ In the Light of a Dark Sun   Frankie’s phone vibrated again. She drew in a deep breath to ease the ire that had risen due to one Mr. Gage Hall and risked a peek. Opening her bag as nonchalantly as possible, she tilted her head to see the screen. Vivi. She knew Frankie couldn’t answer, but her texting during class meant it was important. Or unabashed gossip and Vivi wanted to be the first to tell her. But if this was another report on the state of Blake Hamilton’s love life, Frankie would kill her. Blake was a chess nerd and Vivi the most popular girl…

  • NeverNeath,  The Monster

    The Monster Part 1

    PART I Beneath you, around you, through you, just beyond the edge of all that you know and all that you are, lies the unknown. Behold the NeverNeath. ~*~ In the Dark of the Night Up until about five minutes ago, Mrs. Pollyanna Keller had always felt safe in the small town of Geneva, New York. Her birthplace sat far enough away from the cities to be considered almost rural. By urban standards, anyway. Tonight, however, the safety net in which she’d always felt herself enveloped was evaporating. And fast. She was being followed. She was certain of it. It was a feeling. One that started in her gut and…

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